Community Groups

What are Community Groups?

The ultimate goal of Community Groups is to have people gathering to glorify God and reflect His glory in the community and the lives of one another. We desire not to be programmatic but organically seeking to live out Christ centered lives.


That every member of our Community will grow in the knowledge of the Christian faith, that they will be faithful, mature believers that are built up to edify the church, and will develop a passion for the advancement of the gospel.

Goals of Community Groups

  1. Deeper, more Christ-centered accountability amongst the members of the Community Group
  2. Developing a greater love for the church and a greater desire to serve the church and the community
  3. Being more effective and passionate in sharing the gospel

We realized that there was need for our ministry to develop deeper relationship within our own church as well as creating new opportunities to reach out to our non-believing co-workers, classmates, and friends. Our Community Groups seek to create an environment where people can share their burdens, joys, and struggles in their own individual lives. We want to make that investment where we can truly understand each other and build the type of spiritual community that Christ calls us to build. It has also become apparent that we needed to start a new means by which we can spread the gospel. By inviting people into a home setting, it gives a great chance for us to build bonds with those who haven’t heard the gospel or have been away from the church community.