Hey New Life,
How are you doing this Passion Week?
As stated on Sunday, we all desire restoration. Peter’s story is one of the most moving pictures of a sinner restored in Christ’s grace.
Jesus pursues Peter. Peter acknowledges his need of redemption and trusts in Christ. Jesus affirms His love and restores him.
But the story does not end there. Peter is restored in his calling to love Christ, love the church, and lay down his life for Jesus.
What is our story? Do we trust in Jesus and His finished work on the cross for our sins? Are we moved to love and to lay down our lives because Christ first loved us by laying down His life?
As we are a few days from Good Friday and Easter, take the time to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection, the foundation of our restoration.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
PS- Join us for Passion Week Prayer this week @8pm (W-Th, Sat) and for Good Friday Worship @7:45pm!
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