Hey New Life,
I hope you’re safe and warm after this weekend! How are you doing?
This past Sunday, we looked at Thomas’s doubt of the resurrected Jesus, which was based on his disposition and fears.
He was too pessimistic and practical to believe in the resurrection. And he might’ve been too afraid to be disappointed and hurt again.
What are the obstacles to our faith, the sources of our doubt?
God has come for us in the person of Jesus Christ. This Savior is righteous, loving, faithful, and trustworthy. He has been crucified for all our guilt, condemnation, and shame. He has been resurrected to pronounce ultimate victory over sin and death. And if we believe in Him, we will have life in His name.
Thomas saw the resurrected Christ and was undone. All his doubts were resolved. All his fears were gone. And he made the greatest profession of faith: “My Lord and my God!”
This news that is too good to be true is true. Do we believe it?
In Christ,
Pastor Tim