Hey New Life,
How are you doing this week?
This past Sunday, we talked about the injustices of Jesus’ trial. It’s sickening to see all the laws that the Jewish leaders broke to crucify this innocent man.
And yet, we find ourselves in their shoes in our sin. We are the blasphemers and the sinners. We are the ones who treat Jesus as if He is something other than the Christ, the Son of God.
But our hope lies in this truth: Jesus took on the injustice of the cross so that we may receive the injustice of His grace. He was condemned so that we may be justified. He died so that we may live.
As we close the chapter of this difficult year, remind yourself of the gospel. Meditate on the truth of what Christ has endured for you. Pray that this may be your foundation for the new year.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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