How are you doing?

It’s Christmas week! Have you reflected on the Christ of Christmas?

Last Thursday, we talked about how the movie Home Alone points us to the gospel.

This past Sunday, we talked about Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest. In it, we saw how Jesus, the God I Am, entered into a broken world to redeem a sinful people to Himself. He was born to die. He came to fully drink the cup of God’s wrath for us.

He was arrested so we may be freed. He was betrayed so that we would never be betrayed by the Father.

Take some time and meditate on Christ this week, both on His birth and His death. Thank Him. Cherish Him.

Merry Christmas, New Life Family!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

PS- FB live on a Christmas movie tomorrow @4:30pm and Online Christmas Day Worship @10am! I will be giving one of the sermons!
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