How are you doing this week?
Our prayers reveal our hearts – our priorities. What does Jesus’ prayer in John 17 reveal about His heart? It reveals first that He seeks to glorify the Father. Second, He cares for the salvation of His people.
In the part of the prayer we covered this past Sunday, we see that Jesus prays for us, Jesus keeps us, Jesus gives us joy, and Jesus sanctifies us.
This is all on the foundation of the cross. He intercedes on the basis of His life, death, and resurrection. He keeps us because His work for us is finished. He gives us joy because His salvation will stand. He sanctifies us because He consecrated Himself for the cross.
Which truth speaks to you? How does the cross minister to your heart this week? Spend some time this week in meditation on our passage, and take a moment to praise Him for our salvation.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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