How are you doing this week?
When I would think about the Triune Godhead during my early years in the church, I felt that I did not know the Holy Spirit very well. The Father loves us so much that He would send His Son to die for us. The Son came into this earth to save us from our sins by way of the cross.
But who was the Holy Spirit? What did He do? What DOES He do?
These past few chapters, Jesus has taught us about the Holy Spirit and His role. The Holy Spirit is our Helper (14:16), our way of remembrance of Christ’s teachings (14:26), and our boldness to witness about Christ amidst persecution (15:26).
This Sunday, we saw Jesus further describe the Holy Spirit. He convicts us of our sin, Christ’s righteousness, and His judgment. He teaches all that God teaches, and He glorifies Christ.
Simply put, Jesus by His death and resurrection sends us the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit by His work in our hearts brings us back to Christ.
Friends, are you cut to the heart? Do you see Christ? Is the Holy Spirit at work in your life? The simple answer is found in your seeing and believing Christ through the Word.
Ask the Lord for this conviction and leading this week. Pray for one another.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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