How are you doing this week?
The Bread of Life. The Light of the World. The Door of the Sheep. The Good Shepherd. The Resurrection and the Life. The Way, the Truth, and the Life.
These are the first 6 of 7 “I Am” statements of Jesus. Jesus claims His deity and makes powerful statements of who He is as our Savior.
You would expect His last “I Am” statement on the night before His death to be spectacular, but it’s very ordinary: “I am the True Vine.” Really, Jesus? You’re a plant? What does that mean?
The significance is found in redemptive history. Israel was called a vineyard in the Old Testament, but they were judged for their idolatry, injustice, and sin.
Jesus is the True Vine, meaning He accomplished what Israel failed to do: obey and worship God. Jesus obeyed God perfectly in His life to the point of death on the cross for our sins, for God’s glory.
Is Jesus the True Vine for you? Is He the obedient, blameless Son of God, crucified on a shameful cross for you? Is He the One who bore the ultimate fruit, the salvation of the world, for you?
He is the True Vine. You are the branches. Abide in Christ this week.
Continue to be on your knees in prayer for one another.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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