Hey everyone,
How are you doing this week? Have you ever longed for home?
My college was a small liberal arts school in rural Pennsylvania, an hour north of Pittsburgh, with a 1% minority student population.
Before each break, I would long for home. However, I did not just long for a place. I missed the people – my friends and family. I missed Korean food. I missed fellow Eagles fans. Home would not have been home without all of that.
In Sunday’s passage, Jesus tells us that He is preparing a place for us in heaven, our home. However, He is not just handing over a place. He is taking us to HIMSELF. We will be with Him in glory forever.
This is made possible because Jesus did not have a home here in His ministry. He especially did not have a home on the cross. He received the curse and wrath of God on the cross for our sins, and He endured this with no one by His side.
He endured so that we may never be alone, so that we may have a home with Him forever.
Take some time to reflect on these truths. Thank Jesus for the comfort and peace of this promise. Pray for grace to live according to the hope we have in heaven.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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