How are you doing this week? Have you ever watched Saving Private Ryan?
It’s about a team of WWII US Army Rangers on a mission to save the last surviving of four brothers (other three killed in action). SPOILER ALERT: The whole team dies to save Private Ryan. The movie ends with the Captain telling Ryan to earn it. He must live his life earning the worth of the deaths of these men.
This is not the picture of the gospel. Jesus’ command from this Sunday is not to love one another to earn His love for us. It’s the opposite. He loved us first by laying down His life to take on the condemnation for our sin. And that love overflows out of our hearts into the love for our neighbor.
Have we loved one another as Christ has loved us? Are we marked by such love? Do all people know that we are His disciples by our love for one another?
Reflect on the sacrificial, unconditional love of God for you. Pray for grace for us to love one another. Continue to walk in Christ!
In Him,
Pastor Tim
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