How are you doing this week?

Once, I went for a walk and saw that the grass in our development was filled with dog poop. It was hard to avoid. I don’t know why, but because this was MY development, I started to clean it up.
It was not fun. It was gross. It was dirty. And I didn’t last very long.

This past Sunday’s passage reminds us that Jesus did exactly that. The only difference is that He lasted. He not only washed His disciples’ dirty feet, but He washes our sinful and unclean hearts with the blood that He shed on the cross. He does this because we are HIS.

It wasn’t fun. It was shameful. It was unfathomably painful and grueling. And He did it all out of love until the end.

Do you trust in Jesus as your Savior and Lord? Is He the Suffering Servant to you who washes your sins away by His blood? Have you experienced His love?

Take a moment, reflect, pray, and believe. Pray for one another. Serve one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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