How are you doing this week? Has that changed your perception of Christ?
A popular store in the mall during my teenage years was Build-A-Bear Workshop. Couples on their dates would pick and choose whatever they wanted for their bear, which became a romantic memento of their “love.”

There are times when we treat Jesus and the Bible as if we’re in a Build-A-Bear Workshop. We’d pick Jesus’ love, His forgiveness, kindness, and hope of heaven. But we don’t like His law, His Lordship, or His cross. We see Jesus as a friend, instead of a Savior — as a yes-man, instead of our Lord.
But we must receive all of Jesus or we don’t receive any of Him. We must trust in Jesus of Scripture, or we are not trusting in Jesus, the Redeemer.

In Sunday’s passage, we see the crowds picking and choosing what they want in their Messiah. They, even the disciples, want a political/military Savior, and they do not anticipate the cross.

However, Jesus shows them the truth by riding on a donkey. And He will show them the truth five days later when He is crucified.

Who is Jesus to you? Is He the same one as is in Scripture?

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In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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