Hey New Life!

How are you? How is your week going? Specifically, how is your work week going?
This past Sunday, we looked at the discipline of our work. First, there is dignity in our work. God is a worker, and we have been created to work in our image of God. He works through our work in creating, building up, and preserving our world. He equips us with our gifts and talents in order for us to work for His glory.
Second, there is the decay of our work. Either our work is associated with our idols (we don’t work for the glory of God), or our work becomes meaningless (we lose sight of the dignity of work).
However, thanks be to God that He finished the work of salvation on our behalf. We can glorify God through our work, because we have been purchased by God through Jesus’ work. We are reminded of the dignity of our work, because Christ lost all dignity in His work of salvation for us on the cross.
Where are you today in terms of work? Have you lost sight of the dignity of your work? Have you lost the vision of glorifying God in your work? Where do you feel the decay of work? Are you working for an idol? Are you idolizing yourself? Do you see work as meaningless and find yourself to be joyless or lazy? Have you lost sight of Christ?
Bring your hearts before the Lord and pray unto Him. Ask him for grace and mercy as you endeavor to discipline yourselves in your work for His glory.
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In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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