How are you? How is your week going? Have you been salt and light?
It’s in the nature of salt to be salty. It’s in the nature of light to shine. And it’s in our nature as new creation to be salt and light.
If you have not been salt and light, then you may not know the gospel. You have to ask the hard question of whether you trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
It is because Jesus does not say “You will be,” or “You may be.” He says “You ARE the salt of the earth… You ARE the light of the world.” It is in the nature of God’s people to be salt and light by doing good works. Those works flow out of a redeemed heart of Christ.
Have you lived out your nature this week? Have you been salty? Have you preserved those around you and our society? Have you flavored your community with the flavor of Christ? Have you drawn people out and made them more honest and human? Have you made people thirsty for Jesus? Have you scattered? Have you died to yourself?
Have you been light this week? Have you shined the light of Christ? Through your words and actions, have you been able to show the love, grace, and mercy of Christ?
Again, it’s in your nature as new creation to be salt and light. The good works you will perform are the works that God has prepared beforehand.
And you are able to do good works as salt and light, because Christ has accomplished the ultimate good work on the cross for our salvation.
He is the ultimate salt. He preserved our lives by laying down His life. He flavored our lives with peace and joy. He drew us out by drawing us in.
He was more than scattered. His disciples scattered. He was deserted. But infinitely more than that, He was separated from His Heavenly Father and received the wrath of God for our sins.
He received the darkness of God’s judgment for our sins so He can shine the light of His life for us. And through this cross, He died so He can give us life.
So friends, confess your sins. Repent. Trust in Christ who is the ultimate salt and light for you. And because of what Christ has done, be bold about your message of Christ. Be sacrificial in regards to your good works.
Pray for loved ones with whom you can share the gospel. Pray for opportunities to love others with your words and actions. Think about how you can bless the world through your good works, especially regarding our present circumstances of the pandemic and racial injustice.
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In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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