How are you? How is your week going? How is your life of worship?
This past Sunday, we talked about so much. We talked¬†about the foundation for our corporate worship which is the finished work of Christ. We talked about how our corporate worship fuels and empowers our private (everyday) worship, while our private worship prepares our hearts for our corporate worship. It’s an on-going cycle, and we are called to both!
In Hebrews 10, we are called to draw near to God with a true heart. We are called to meet together and encourage one another. We are called to “stir up” (Greek connotation of provoke) one another toward love and good works. And our corporate worship is how we accomplish these exhortations to the fullest degree!
This is the teaching applied in response to the teaching displayed. This is the imperative after the indicative. This means that if we truly understand the person and work of Christ, we will do these things. If our hearts are in line with the truths of the gospel stated in the first 9.5 chapters of the book of Hebrews, we are called to worship together. We are called to draw near to God. We are called to encourage one another. We are called to stir up one another toward love and good works.
And in light of our current circumstances, I want to encourage you in that as your pastor. As you have been loved by God, go and love your neighbor. Love moves. Love goes. Love sacrifices. Love is active. We see this in Jesus coming to earth out of love to save us from our sins.
As you have received the ultimate good work of redemption, go and do good for your neighbor. Goodness is not just a “being.” Goodness is a “doing.” It is a working. Work requires effort and strength. Work means that there will be discomfort and fatigue. But this is the call for us in light of the ultimate good work that has already been done for us in Jesus Christ.
New Life, Corporate Worship is not just a discipline. It’s a commandment. It is how we keep the Sabbath Day holy, and it is how we can rest on the Lord’s Day. It gives us strength. It renews our faith. And it allows us to experience something heavenly here on earth.
And our worship together fuels us to worship God in the rest of the week. That private worship includes love and good works.
May the Lord empower you. May He strengthen and inspire you. May He give you rest, grace, and peace. And through it, may you worship Him both corporately and privately through your love and good works.
Hope to see you on FB Live in our FB group tomorrow @5:30pm as we continue our discussions on racial injustice! And see you online for our Corporate Worship on Sunday!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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