How are you? How is your week going? Have you been able to memorize and study the Word this week?
Our memory is a pretty amazing tool. What do we remember? We may remember certain life events or holidays. Our memories might revolve around certain things or places. They might be associated with certain foods and experiences. I am amazed when I hear people quoting movies, TV shows, or songs.
That’s a gift. It’s a good thing to commit things to memory. It’s good for a doctor to remember the human anatomy. It’s good for a pharmacist to remember various medications. It’s good for an electrician to remember variations of wirings and switches. It’s good for parents to remember their children’s personalities. It’s good for friends to remember birthdays and gift ideas. It’s good for us to remember lyrics of songs or movie lines that resounded with us.
But the more pressing question for us today is do we remember God’s Word? Do we know it? Have we memorized it? Have we studied it? Can we quote it?
Pastor Dan placed before us on Sunday the humbling challenge to keep the Word of God in our hearts. And the way to do that is to have it memorized. But it needs to be accompanied by studying. We cannot memorize a verse without knowing its context. And as we understand its context through studying, we can memorize it more easily.
But the call was more than just memorizing and studying God’s Word. P. Dan lovingly pressed further. It’s not just about doing those actions. It’s a matter of the heart. We will memorize and study God’s Word if we delight in it.
Do we delight in it? We can quote movies, TV shows, and songs, because we delight in them. We remember our friends and loved ones, because we delight in them. Do we delight in the Word?
And the only way we can truly delight in the Word of God is to know and experience God’s delight of us in His Word. He delights in us so much that He would share with us His heart in the Word. He delights in us so much that He sent Jesus, the Word, to save us so that He can spend eternity with us.
Jesus saved us by bearing the wrath of God for our sins on the cross. He took our condemnation, so that we may receive His righteousness. He died so that we may receive life. He experienced ultimate sorrow so that we may receive joy. He experienced the ultimate betrayal and abandonment so that we may receive the delight of God.
And this message of salvation through Christ is found in the Word.
New Life, take some to meditate on God’s love for you and delight in you. Take a moment and reflect on the call to study and memorize God’s Word. And take the step of faith to memorize a verse a week, to memorize the Bible with your children, to study the Word of God, or to just plainly increase your delight in it.
Study the Word. Commit it to memory. Put it in your heart. And the Lord will minister to you in places and times that you would never have expected or imagined.
Hope you can join us for FB Live TOMORROW @5:30pm. There will NOT be Bible Study this Sunday morning (because of Memorial Day weekend), but we will have our Last Topical Study on Sunday, May 31st @9:15am.
See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship through our YouTube channel! Have a blessed week!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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