How are you? How is your week going? Have you been able to interact with God’s Word this week?
We have been created for community and communication. It is in our image to communicate through words. We as a society would crumble if we did not have words.
Can you imagine if we could not communicate in words? How would we give direction? How would our society be structured? How would we describe our feelings and circumstances? How would we learn the depths of science and math? How would we be exposed to the riches of literature and the arts? How would we express our love and affections?
We need words. We have been built to communicate through words. This reflects our greatest desire and need to receive God’s Word. His Word is what reveals His character and heart. His Word is what teaches us about ourselves and this world. His Word is what humbles us to know that we need a Savior. His Word is Truth.
That is why God’s Word is the first spiritual discipline we are covering. It is the primary mean of grace. It is foundational for all the other spiritual disciplines. This past Sunday was the call to hear and read God’s Word. It is so important to do so.
Pastor David, our senior pastor, exhorts the staff continually to read God’s Word. After all his years of ministry, he says that reading and immersing ourselves in God’s Word is one of the most important things we can do. He says that the longer he is in ministry, the greater he needs to be in the Word.
Like I shared this past Sunday, the Word is extremely important. However, it is not an ends in itself. The point isn’t for us to know more about the Bible to gain more head knowledge. The point is for us to behold the great majesty and glory of God. The point is for us to grasp the great riches of His love for us. The point is for us to see Christ, the Word.
All of Scripture points to Him. He is the ultimate revelation of the Father. He is the fulfillment of Scripture. He lived, died, and was raised because of Scripture. For us to know Him better, we need to know the Word better, because in the Word of Christ, we find Christ, the Word.
Friends, take some time this week to hear and read God’s Word. I pray that it may encourage and bless you. May it reach the depths of your heart and give you comfort. May it strengthen you and give you peace.
There will be a FB Live video TOMORROW in our FB group @5:30pm! Also, there will be Topical Study this Sunday @9:15am. Lastly, there is our Biweekly Online Prayer Meeting next Tuesday @8pm.
Although we may isolated in our homes, there are plenty of ways for us to connect! The greatest connection is our Corporate Worship together on Sunday @12:45pm through our YouTube Channel.
God bless!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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