How are you? How is your week going? We are praying for you that you may live in the midst of these circumstances with the hope of the resurrection.
Colorado weather is so funny. Saturday’s (04/11) weather was so nice. And then, it snowed on Easter Sunday! It was freezing cold after such a warm day. After our Resurrection Sunday Worship, I drove home in the snowy weather. After I parked my car, I saw that it was sunny even though it was snowing!
In the midst of the cold snowy weather, the rays of the sun pierced through the clouds and shined. What a wonderful picture of the Resurrection Story!
Good Friday in history was a dark day. It was literally dark to represent the judgment and wrath of God for sin being poured on Jesus. The Perfect, Righteous Son of God died on that Friday. His disciples were scattered. His loved ones wept and mourned.
Saturday was just as dark and cold. There was no sign of the resurrection. Jesus’ disciples were restless on their day of rest. They didn’t know what to do.
However, in the midst of the darkness, brokenness, and cold, Jesus’ victory over sin and death broke through. He was raised back to life. He had defeated the grave. Our Savior is risen! And we know that God was in control from the very beginning.
These times may seem so cold to you. It may be a dark period in your life. And yet, in the same way, our resurrection hope can break through. We can know that God is in control of this dark, broken, and cold time. We can trust in our Savior who has defeated sin and death once and for all. We can be comforted in the truth that Jesus is risen, and our hope is alive.
The resurrection means that for the Christian, this is not our end. The resurrection means that for the Christian, the best things are yet to come. The resurrection means that for the Christian, we can have resurrection life, power, and redemption now.
The light of the resurrection breaks through the darkness of our brokenness. Do we believe in this? Do we trust in Him?
These are not easy times. The Bible never said that it would be easy for God’s people. But He did say that through the resurrection, He is with us. He loves us. And He will guard us till the last day.
May the hope of the resurrection be living for you, and may it comfort your soul and give you peace.
Again, we are praying for you. Please continue to pray for one another, our nation, and this world. Hope to see you on FB Live tomorrow @5:30pmĀ and for Lord’s Day Worship on Sunday!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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