How are you? How is your week going? Have you made disciples this week?
My children have a football with the Eagles logo. They have shirts, sweaters, and hats in midnight green. They talk about how they love the Eagles and how the Eagles are the best. They may or may not have been brainwashed to love them. But they are being raised to bleed green.
Why am I sharing this information with you that you probably already know (and don’t care about)? It’s because my kids are my disciples. I share the news of what gives me life. I teach the ways of what I am passionate about.
We all make disciples. The question is what kind of disciples are we making? Jesus calls the church to make disciples of all nations. This is in light of the truth of redemption. It is in light of the joy and hope of eternal life.
If Jesus is our Savior and Lord, then we will make disciples in Him. We will share the news of redemption. We will teach others to observe the word of God. It is not because it is our duty. It is because it is our delight. It is the source of our life and joy. It is the foundation of our freedom.
So… in response to Matthew 28, I’m not asking if you’re making disciples. I know you are. But what kind of disciples are you making?
The only way we are truly able to follow the Great Commission in making disciples is to know and experience Christ. He is the One who first went from heaven to earth, from Bethlehem to Calvary. He is the One who baptized us and taught us. He is the One who experienced the absolute wrath of God for our sins so that we may receive the love of God. He calls us to go in His authority and presence. After we experience this grace, we cannot help but to make disciples of Christ.
Take a moment and reflect on the love of God in Christ. Meditate on what He has done for you. And when that becomes your joy and passion, may you make disciples in Him.
See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship. Have a blessed week!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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