How are you? How is your week going? Have you lived out your image today?
While we were in Philadelphia on our vacation, friends and family who were meeting my kids for the first time or for the first time in a long time would talk about how our kids were splitting images of my wife and me. What’s funny is that they would all differ on who looked like whom. And some would change their minds the more time they spent with our kids. It was very amusing.
In terms of our creation, there is no confusion about our image. This past Sunday, we talked about how God has created us in His image. We are like in Him in so many ways such as worship, spirit, work, creativity, relationship, and vice-regency. It was God’s plan from Genesis 1 to use us as an instrument to reflect His glory and to give Him the glory throughout the world.
However, we know that our image has fallen. It has been broken in every aspect. We don’t worship Him as we should. Work has become toil. Our creativity is used for wrong purposes. Our relationships are broken. Our dominion has been marred. Sin has ruined our image, but it has not taken it away. We see this in Genesis 9 after the Flood.
But we have a hope in Jesus Christ. He is the perfect image of God. He is the One who lived out the image of God perfectly throughout His life. He is the One who restores us in our broken image.
How? He does it by taking on our broken image. He took on all our guilt, sin, shame, and brokenness on the cross. He received the wrath and judgment we deserve, so that we may be restored.
Therefore, in our restored image, we can reflect His glory and live for His glory. We can be instruments that God uses to bring about His glory in the world. However, now because of Christ’s redemption, we do it by not only living out our image but sharing Christ who is the One who restores our image.
New Life, live out your restored image in Christ today. Renew yourself in His love and grace for you. Remind yourself of the cost of our redemption. And in that, may it lead you to glorify Him and lead you to lead others to glorify Him through Christ.
See you all on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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