How are you doing?  Praying that everyone  is having a blessed week.  I’m sure after celebrating the 4th of July last week you all must be exhausted.  In any case, I hope you are all recovering well and finding rest in the Lord.
This past Sunday Pastor Tim preached on “The Woman Caught in Adultery”, found in John 7:53-8:11.
So many questions arise regarding this passage.  Why was it included after the original manuscripts? What did Jesus write on the ground?  Why did he write twice?  Like Pastor Tim said, maybe it’s something we can ask Jesus when we see him in heaven.  More important than these question is what we actually know from it.  In this passage we see that Jesus, the only one that is sinless and able to condemn did quite the opposite and forgave the women instead.  Casting stones and condemning others…  We often pray the Lord’s prayer and in it we state, “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  How easy it is for us to cast that stone of condemnation, regardless of how small the stone, we are still throwing it.
So, maybe ask yourself this question instead…if someone were to commit a sin against me, would I cast that stone?  Would I cast that stone if Jesus was standing right next to that person?  Jesus, the Son of God, thinks and acts in a way that transcends the way we think and act.  Through his actions in all that we have seen in the gospel of John up until this passage clearly points this out.  So, let us take it in as the truth that it is and believe.  So, go out and believe and forgive someone…the opportunities are endless, I assure you.  In doing so you will not see Jesus standing next to you but instead you will see Him sitting on the throne of you heart.
Hope you see you all this Sunday at worship.  Have blessed week that is full of forgiveness until then…
Elder Jimmy
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