How are you? How is your week going? Have you collided with others and/or with Christ?
At the end of our passage this Sunday, we saw how Jesus divides the people. Some people believe that He is the Christ or the Prophet (which points to the Messiah as well). Others doubt Him and His work based on His geographical background.
There is a great divide between the two opinions on Christ. And it is the same way today. Either you are for Jesus, or you’re against Jesus. Either He is your Lord or He is your enemy. Either He is your Savior or He is no one special. This is the great divide that was present in Jesus’ day, and it is present today.
Where do you stand? Who is Jesus to you? Does Jesus have any bearing on who you are and how you live?
If you are in Christ today, it will lead you to collide with others. That is inevitable. We are going in one direction, while non-Christians go in the opposite direction. And here’s the thing: we are all in the same lane.
As we collide with others in this world, we see in 1 Peter 3 that we are to defend the faith with hope and gentleness. We collide with them in love and compassion.
Why? It’s because Jesus has collided with us in love and compassion. He is the One who bore our sin and shame on the cross. He is the One who is gentle and patient with us even now. He is the One who crossed the Great Divide to bring us into His kingdom and adopt us into His family.
Again, at the end of Sunday’s passage, we see Nicodemus, and he is starting to collide with Jesus. By the end of the Gospel, we see that this is a beautiful collision.
I pray that you may collide with Christ and His love and compassion over and over again. May it be to you a beautiful collision. And may you collide with others to share the good news with a broken and needy world.
See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship! Pray for one another! Have a blessed 4th!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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