How are you? How is your week going? Have you eaten the Bread of Life this week?
This past Sunday, we finally reached Jesus’ “I Am the Bread of Life” statement. It is the first of 7 “I AM” statements. Seven is the holy number in Scripture that represents wholeness and completion. Through these statements, Jesus is proclaiming that He is God. Not only that, He uses physical things through these statements to show us what it means that He is OUR God.
Through this statement, Jesus says that He is the Bread of Life. Back then, bread didn’t just come with a meal. It was the meal. If you didn’t have bread, you probably didn’t have food. Bread represented life.
Jesus must be our life. He is necessary for life, and He is the only source of life. If we come to Him, we will not hunger, and we will never, ever thirst.
This world loves to make a profit off of this concept. We see various companies telling us to satisfy our hunger or to quench our thirst. If it’s not explicitly in their mottos, it is in their advertising philosophy. They want us to think that their product will relieve our hunger and thirst for more.
However, the only thing that can truly satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst is Jesus, the Bread of Life. It’s because He loves us full and perfectly. He forgives us when we wrong Him. He is faithful, even when we are faithless. He is the Hosea to Gomers like us. He is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. He gives of Himself so abundantly that it overflows out of our hearts to others.
How does Jesus become our Bread of Life? In our passage, it means that we are to come to Him, and we are to believe Him. And this is all by grace. Grace is receiving something good (forgiveness, restoration, salvation, eternal life) when we don’t deserve it. The Father draws us to Jesus. We believe, because we have the faith that God gives us.
God pours out His grace upon us through Jesus: grace- receiving something that we don’t deserve. This is through Jesus receiving something that He did not deserve. He received our judgment and condemnation for sin on the cross. He was forsaken so that we may be forgiven. He died so that we may have life. He thirsted so that we may never hunger and thirst again.
Is Jesus the Bread of Life for us? Do we believe in Him? Have we come to Him and received life? This means that even in the hardest of times, we can go to Him and rest in Him. May we do so continually in faith.
See you all for Lord’s Day Worship on Sunday! God bless you all!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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