I apologize for not sending this to you sooner! How are you? How is your week going? Have you lived in your Resurrection Hope this week?
It was a blessing last week to just simmer in the drama of the Passion narrative during Early Morning Prayer. Then, we were able to see the Servant heart of Jesus through the cross during Good Friday Worship. Lastly, Paul reminded us of the Truth and Hope of the Resurrection this past Easter Sunday.
So, first, is the Resurrection true to you? Do you truly believe that Jesus WAS RAISED from the grave? There are many evidences that point to this truth (listen to the sermon for the details): the empty tomb, the women’s discovery, the radical change in the disciples’ lives, the 500 that Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 15, and the radical change in the life Paul himself. However, most of all, we can be convinced of the Resurrection, because we see it in God’s Word. The whole of Scripture points to it, and the Holy Spirit reveals that truth to us in the Word.
Second, is the Resurrection the foundation of your hope? The resurrection has so many implications. For those who are overwhelmed by their own guilt and shame, the resurrection is the sign of God’s approval that Jesus had taken all our guilt and shame on the cross. For those who are discouraged by their sin, the resurrection is the power through which we can defeat sin in the here and now. For those who are hurting physically, the resurrection is a sign of things to come in future glory. For those who feel like Satan and the world are winning, the resurrection shows us that Jesus is the Ultimate Victor, defeating death, and He is the Lord of Lords. For those who are saddened by death and loss, the resurrection is the hope that death does not have the final answer.
We don’t worship a dead Savior. We worship One who is alive. We worship the One who has defeated sin and death. We worship the One in whom we have our redemption. We worship the One who is the first fruits of resurrected glory for us. We worship the One who starts new resurrection life for us today.
New Life family, although Easter is over and past, the hope of Easter is eternal. May that give us new life today, and may that give us hope to persevere.
See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship! Pastor Jeff Kreisel will be coming to speak for us, and it will be a blessing! Please pray for him and our worship!
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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