Hi everyone. Praying your week is going well. During the topical bible study period, elders will be rotating to cover the words of encouragement emails. That’s why you’re hearing from me today. Thank you Elder Jimmy for leading last night’s wonderful prayer meeting. Hope all of us can join in the next prayer meeting in two weeks. Also, please be sure to let Deacon James Won know if you’re interested in attending the Nuggets vs Pelicans (yay AD is back!) game on March 2nd, 7pm. 

With that said, let’s take a look at this past week’s sermon on John 2:1-12. 

There were so many great takeaways from this sermon. However, we all know the main takeaway should be focused on WINE. That’s right. Woot woot! Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water into wine so that a possible disastrous wedding could be saved. This story is also describing the state that many of us are facing today. We also run out of joy today because we are constantly searching in the wrong areas for joy whether it be in a relationship, career, success, material … and the list goes on. However, none of these will ever bring the eternal joy we have in Christ. 

By Christ turning water into wine, he teaches us two aspects of his love: quality and quantity. Out of curiosity, I looked up how much the most expensive wine in the world cost. It was worth over $500K for a bottle! Simply amazing. Can you imagine if an event was filled with these $500K bottles in abundance? Talk about living the rich life right? Reality is, we do live this life but far greater since you can’t put a price on Christ’s love for us. His love for us is not out of leftover but in fullness. It’s the best quality of love and lifestyle we can ever imagine. On top of that, it is unconditional and everlasting, all for free, at least to us. It did, however, cost Christ everything including his own death on the cross so that we might have life. He would empty himself so that we would be full in him completely and always. He would face separation from God so that our relationship with God will be eternally binding. He would face the deepest sorrow so that we would find joy in his blessings always. 

Are you finding joy in your relationship with Christ today? Or are you feeling empty and joyless even when you are “living/serving for him”? Are you chasing after all the wrong things when Christ is the only one you need? Will you take a moment to come before the LORD and realize what you have in Christ? 


Tomorrow, the whole world will be celebrating their definition of love with each other but there is no greater love than to share the love of Christ to each other. None can beat that! Happy Christ Day everyone! 
-Elder Tommy

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