How are you? How is your week going? What have you been testifying about?
We all testify about something. We testify about the things that happened to us in recent weeks. We testify about funny moments we’ve had with others. We testify about the things we’ve learned about.
Most of all, no matter what we talk about, we testify about the things that are most important to us. We testify about what we worship.
What have we been testifying about this week? Have we been sharing stories? Have we been talking about what we’ve been learning? Most of all, have we been speaking from a biblical and redeemed worldview?
If our redemption is most important to us and Jesus is whom we worship, everything we speak about will be reflecting that worldview. Essentially, we will be testifying about Jesus.
This past Sunday, we saw John the Baptist’s testimony, and it taught us about our own testimonies. We saw that our testimonies include our conduct, our denials (of self, of fleshly desires, of our own glory), our unworthiness, and our Savior.
We don’t try to win every argument or seize every opportunity to flaunt our knowledge of Scripture and theology. Our main task in sharing our testimony is to say with John the Baptist, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!”
We are able to tell others to behold, because we behold Him. We behold the truth that He is the Lamb of God who has saved us. We behold the truth that He is the Lamb of God who has not just taken away the sins of the world, but He is the Lamb of God who has taken OUR sins. We behold the truth that He is the One who has given us the Holy Spirit, and He has given us the power to live unto Christ. We behold the truth that Christ is God’s testimony of His love and grace for us.
This is how we are able to testify. It’s because of Christ. It’s because of the cross. It’s because of the power of the Holy Spirit.
New Life, may we testify about the Lamb of God. May we testify about the grace and love of God that is perfectly displayed through our redemption. And may everyone around us behold our Savior!
See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship. We will be partaking of the Lord’s Supper so please prepare your hearts as you look forward to it.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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