How are you? How was your holiday yesterday? Did you remember Christ and thank God for Him?
Yesterday, during Christmas worship, I preached Matthew 1, Jesus’ genealogy. Back then, that was your resume. That chapter was Jesus’ resume to be the Savior of the world.
This genealogy was so radical back then, because it included women. However, it wasn’t just any women. It was five stories of broken women. These are five stories of sin, shame, hardship, loss, and injustice.
Why are these stories part of Jesus’ genealogy? It’s because God wants us to know Jesus has come to bring the broken into His family and to restore them. These are broken people like you and me.
We all have stories of sin, shame, hardship, loss, and injustice. We are like Mephibosheth from this past Sunday who had nothing but was given everything. We are the broken.
Christ has come to bring us into His family. He’s not embarrassed of us. He’s not ashamed of us. Instead, He looks at us and declares over us, “Mine.” And through this truth, we are given everything in grace.
This is only possible through Christ. He was the One who took on our brokenness, sin, and shame on the cross. He was the One who lost everything so that we could have everything. He was the One who sat in the lowest seat, the seat of a criminal on the cross, so that we can have the highest seat: a spot at the King’s Table.
Christmas Day may have passed, but the meaning of Christmas has not. Jesus has come to bring the broken into His family. Jesus has come to save. Jesus has come for you and me.
It gives us strength for today. It gives us hope for tomorrow. It gives us grace to live.
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In Christ,
Pastor Tim
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