Happy Reformation Day! While many families today celebrate Halloween through dress-up and candy, we, as Protestants, can celebrate another day of remembrance: Reformation Day!
This is the day that looks back 501 years ago when Martin Luther presumably nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church, which started a debate that impacted the history of the church.
Luther’s study on Scripture, especially the book of Romans, led him to oppose the powerful Catholic Church on issues regarding the primacy of Scripture over church tradition and the doctrine of Justification By Faith Alone. Essentially, he brought us back to the beauty of the gospel.
This is what the Protestant Reformation was about, and this is what Reformation Day is about. However, to be honest, we are celebrating Reformation Day every time we proclaim and cherish the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This fits right in with the “Ten Commandments” series that we just finished. These commandments are not the means for salvation, but it shows us our need for it: God is holy. We are sinful. And Jesus is a great Savior, who fulfilled the Law by obeying it perfectly and dying for our own sin.
Reformation Day celebrates the doctrine of Justification Through Faith Alone. The Law shows us this truth that we cannot save ourselves.
However, after we have been saved by grace through faith, we are able to obey the Law, not for our salvation but for God’s glory.
The Ten Commandment are not the WAY to be SAVED, but it’s the WAY to LIVE because we have been saved. Essentially, God calls us to live free as we have been freed.
On this day, remember Reformation Day. Remember the suffering that took place for the preservation of the gospel. Remember the sweetness of the good news that the Law shows us, and cherish the love of God for you.
See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship. Please prepare your hearts for the Lord’s Table.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim
Photo Credit: https://www.mtzionlutheran.org/?sermons=95-theses-luther-nailed