How are you? How is your week going?

As we approach Autumn, I think about the harvest season. After crops
grow in the spring and summer, farmers can harvest the food that comes
from it.

Farmers are known to have the best work ethic. Why? It’s because the
work never stops. Growing crops never takes a vacation. They need to
constantly care for their fields. They tilled the soil, planted the
seeds, watered the plants, and protected them from any bugs. After a
period of time, they finally see the fruit.

It’s a profession that takes a lot of grit, and it’s a profession of
faith. You do all these actions, believing that a crop will come.

It’s the same thing with growth in the church. We need grit. We need
faith. We need each other.

This past Sunday, we saw how different servants had different roles.
Each servant had a role in the growth process. However, it is done in
faith, knowing that it is ultimately God who gives the growth.

This leaves us in a balanced position. First, it helps us to
appreciate one another. We know that we all had a different but vital
part in the growth of individual lives and the church. Second, it
makes us humble. God is the one who gives the growth. This leaves no
room for pride, but it leaves all the room for praise.

This is all possible, because the ultimate Gardener came to redeem the
Garden that fell in sin. He became flesh to die on the cross for sin
and bring about a new creation that is and will be better than the

New Life, let us trust in this good news. Let us serve faithfully. Let
us give all the glory to God, because He is the One who gives the

See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship. Pray for our ministry and
for one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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