How are you? How is your week going? Have you been reminded of Sunday’s sermon?

It was very providential that we ended our “Abraham: The Journey of Faith” series this past Sunday on Father’s Day. We saw one of Abraham’s last acts of faith, and it was the greatest one of his life.

He had to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, whom he loved. This was the son of the promise. This was the son that would bring him many descendants. Abraham especially loved and cherished this child.

However, the Lord called him to sacrifice Isaac. We don’t see any hesitation in Abraham’s obedience. He went up the mountain, prepared the altar, and laid his son down.

As he was about to kill his son, the Lord stopped him and provided a ram caught in a thicket. The ram was offered up instead of his own son.

In this passage, we see Abraham’s faith and Isaac’s submission. But that is not the only thing we see.

We see the beautiful picture of the gospel. We see a loving heavenly Father sacrificing His only begotten Son, whom He loved. However, there is no ram to take His place. Instead, Jesus becomes the Ram caught in the wood of the cross to take our place.

He died so that we would have life. He was slain on the altar of the cross so that we may be saved at the foot of it.

Through this passage, the Lord is inviting us to trust in His love and in His plan for us. He is asking us to surrender our greatest treasure and have Him there instead. He is telling us to enjoy this gospel message, cherish His grace and mercy. He is calling us to be faithful, because He was first faithful to us in Christ Jesus.

Take some time to meditate on this truth, worship Him, and pray to Him.

Pray for our retreat this weekend!! As a reminder, we will be having Lord’s Day Worship this Sunday at the retreat site @10:00am.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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