How are you? How is your week going?

Today marked the start of VBS! Everyone was so energetic and excited about the program! The kids were dancing in worship, praising the Lord, playing games, and listening to the Word.

One thing that I constantly heard in the hallways today was laughter. The students laughed with their friends and their teachers. They laughed in fun.

This laughter reminded me of the sermon this past Sunday. I was reminded of Sarah’s laughter. I wondered if Sarah laughed like these children when the Lord said that she would be with a child the following year.

Did she laugh because it was a merry atmosphere and it seemed like the Lord was joking? Did she laugh because it was so unbelievably funny?

We do know that her laughter stemmed from unbelief. And like I said this past Sunday, we think that an element of this laughter came from pain. She had been waiting for over twenty years! After years of hoping and not seeing fruit, her heart was probably calloused to the Lord’s promise becoming a reality.

Maybe we’re laughing at the Lord today. We don’t think that we can overcome a certain sin in our lives. We don’t think that the Lord will heal a certain relationship. We don’t think that God will keep His promises.

Maybe our hearts are calloused to the Lord because of the hardships and difficulties we’ve faced. We’ve felt as if God is not good or He has not been present in our lives. Time and time again, we are disappointed and dishearten by the actions of our Lord.

If you’re like Sarah today, the Lord is telling you to trust in Him. He is reminding you that He is GOOD. He is FAITHFUL. He DOES LOVE you. And He will keep all His promises.

We ultimately know this through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He is the ultimate Son that was promised and given. He is the One who was brought forth out of death into life for the salvation of humanity. And we know that every promise has its “Yes and Amen” in Christ (2 Cor 1:20).

Take some time today to rest in God’s promises which have been guaranteed through our Savior. Bring yourself before the cross, and be reminded of His love and faithfulness. And through your meditation and prayer, may you grow in your trust in Him.

Continue to pray for VBS! Also, COME OUT TO THE SONG MISSION PRESENTATION THIS SATURDAY!! Please let D. Sam know that you’ll be attending! See you all on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship.

Pray for our ministry and pray for one another!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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