How are you? How is your week going?

Being involved with children’s ministry since high school, I heard many children say these two words: “I can’t.” “I can’t read this book…  I can’t climb this hill… I can’t eat this food… I can’t walk on this hiking trail.”

When we take a sober look at ourselves and our hearts, I’m pretty sure we say the same thing: “I can’t be patient… I can’t deal with this person… I can’t stand my kids… I can’t do my devotionals… I can’t exercise… I can’t pray… I can’t be righteous.”

What would God say to our “I can’t” statements? Well, He would agree with the last one. He would say that we are totally depraved and more sinful than we can ever imagine. He would say that it would be impossible for us to be righteous. Even our good deeds are like filthy rags compared to God’s perfect righteousness.

Then, what is our hope? It’s God. It’s Jesus. While the only thing we can say is “I can’t,” God says, “I can.” And He did so by sending His Son to live the perfect life and to die the death for us.

See, we looked at this simple gospel truth this past Sunday. We are counted righteous because of our faith and our trust in Christ Jesus just like Abram. It’s not based on our works at all.

And that’s the reason why God alone walks through the torn animals. He is taking the covenant upon His shoulders. He is saying that He will keep the covenant even if it costs Him His life.

The truth is that we were the covenant breakers. We sinned against the Lord. And yet, even though we sinned, it was God who took on flesh to be torn apart on the cross for us. He paid it all so that He can keep the covenant of redemption with us.

It’s true: we can’t. But God can. He did. It is finished. Praise the Lord.

Be satisfied in this gospel truth this week. Live in the covenant. See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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