How are you? How is your week going? It’s already the second half of May! Can you believe it?

This Sunday, May 20th, we will be having our EM Election after fellowship. Members of New Life, please meditate on 1 Timothy 3, 1 Peter 5, and Acts 6 and approach the Election fearfully and prayerfully. Also, your part does not end this Sunday. Continue to pray for those elected, and pray for all our officers/leaders.

This past Sunday, we looked at the Qualifications of a Deacon in 1 Timothy 3. Just like Elder, the qualifications for the office are not about skill or tenure. The qualifications deal with one’s character. They are held to the same standard of godly and faithful living as an Elder. They are to be dignified and self-controlled. They are to know the gospel and live it out with a clear conscience. They are called to manage their households well in the Lord as they are called to manage the bigger household of God.

These are the qualifications of a Deacon. Their role in the church is found in the meaning of the Greek word, Deacon: servant. They are called to serve the church.

The only way they can live uprightly while also serve the church faithfully is through the Ultimate Deacon, Jesus Christ. He is the One who came not to be served but to serve. He served us by saving us. He saved us by being the Suffering Servant for us.

The church is not a building. It’s a body. Jesus is the head. He is the only way we are a body together. And He is the only way our officers can lead and serve the church faithfully.

Pray for our officers. Pray for their families. Pray for all our leaders and servants and their families. Pray for our ministry. Pray for one another.

See you at Lord’s Day Worship this Sunday. See you at the Election afterwards.

If you have time this Saturday morning (7:30-9:30am), come out and help us clean! Our building is need of cleaning, and it’s our privilege to clean it in the Spring each year! Come out at 7am if you want some food. 🙂

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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