How are you? How has your week been?

This past Sunday, we were able to listen to Pastor John Browne from PCA MNA’s Sheds of Hope ministry. He spoke from Luke 10:25-37. Meditate on this passage this week, and reflect on the mercy of God for you in Christ Jesus. And through this mercy, pray about ways in which you can show mercy in your relationships and communities.

Speaking of prayer, tomorrow is this year’s National Day of Prayer. This day has been designated by the US Congress, and it has been observed since 1952.

Prayer is an avenue through which we can talk with our Almighty God. The Father desires to be personal with us. He speaks to us through His Word, and He wants us to speak to Him.

Jesus tells us to pray in secret (Matthew 6:6). This is not a command for every time we pray, but we can learn the heart of God through Jesus’ teaching.

The Father doesn’t want us to pray to impress others with our eloquence. He doesn’t want us to pray as a show in front of people. He doesn’t want us to pray to check off our legalistic tasks for the day. He wants us to pray, because He wants us. He wants our hearts. He wants our desires.

Westminster Larger Catechism:
Q. 178. What is prayer?
A. Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, in the name of Christ, by the help of his Spirit; with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgement of his mercies.

Prayer is not something we should do once a year. Prayer is something we should do everyday. It’s a moment-by-moment walk with the Lord.

Take some time this week (especially tomorrow) to pray. Pray for yourselves. Pray for your loved ones. Pray for our ministry and our church. Pray for our community. Pray for our nation and this world.

Prayer is a privilege that has been given and guaranteed to us through the cross. Jesus experienced the absence of God on the cross so that we may receive the presence of God. He was cut off on the cross so that we may gain access to the Father.

The Father wants us to come. He wants us to kneel before Him in our hearts and pray. Jesus has made a way. Take hold of it!

See you all on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship! Please be praying for 9 Health Fair this Saturday! Pray that we may be a blessing as we have been blessed in Christ!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim