How are you? How is your week? Have you been mindful of Christ?

We’re in our “Abraham: The Journey of Faith” series, and within two weeks, we’ve seen that this Journey of Faith is not easy. We are called to leave our comforts and securities in this world and go in Christ. We are able to go, because we have the blessing of Abraham which is fulfilled in Christ.

Although Abraham is commended for his faith in the New Testament and he is our example of faith, we see that he is far from perfect. Even in our passage this past Sunday, we saw that Abram struggles with trusting in the Lord and seeking after Him when the going gets tough. Abram takes matters into his own hands when he is faced with trials.

Doesn’t this describe our faith journey? It can be so easy to recognize the Lord’s blessing and faithfulness on Sundays in worship and fellowship with one another. But it’s also so hard to remember His blessings and faithfulness on Mondays.

Whenever we encounter problems, we try to fix the problem rather than seek the Lord with our problems. We make a to-do list or a strategic plan to come up with the answers without every thinking of the Lord to provide the answer.

We must not misunderstand this. I believe that we do have a part. We are called to work things out. We are called to execute plans and solve problems. But we must do this together with seeking the Lord. Ultimately, what we’re doing is acknowledging and confessing that we are not God, but He is.

Have you sought the Lord this week? Have you surrendered to His will? Have you cast your burdens and cares upon Him? Have you prayed to Him for wisdom, strength, and grace?

Ultimately, we don’t have to take matters into His own hands, because we know that He works everything out for the good of those who love Him, according to His purpose. This promise is guaranteed on the cross.

Christ has taken on our greatest problem of sin on the cross, so that we can have the assurance of His grace. We know that whatever problem we face, it’s not for our punishment but it’s for our good. This is because Christ took on all our punishment on the cross. We can surrender to Him, because Christ first surrendered on he cross.

New Life, may we be a people who surrender, trust, and obey the Lord. See you all for Lord’s Day Worship on Sunday! Pray for one another, for the church, and for the world!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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