How are you doing? Are you living in light of the resurrection?

This past Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, and yet, I’m sure by Monday we’ve forgotten about its significance in our lives. If the resurrection is true, there are vast implications for our lives.

The Resurrection shows us that everything Jesus has said is true! He is the Son of God! He is Lord! He is the Savior of the World!

The Resurrection shows us that God has accepted Christ’s life and death as sufficient payment for the redemption of God’s people. It’s been stamped and approved: we are saved forevermore!

The Resurrection shows us that Christ has won. Sin has lost its power. Addiction has lost its grip. Death has lost its sting. Christ has defeated it once and for all for us, His people.

The Resurrection shows us that it is not just an event. The Resurrection is a person (John 11:25), and He is where we are resurrected from the dead. This means that we can have resurrected life today. We are made new!

Paul Tripp gives three practical and hope-filled applications in light of the Resurrection:

1. The Empty Tomb Comforts Us: Difficult and unpredictable realities of life in a fallen world are guaranteed, but we can “be steadfast and immovable” even when we don’t understand, because our Risen Savior rules over everything that would confuse us.

2. The Empty Tomb Motivates Us: If Christ rose from death, reigns in power, and is coming back again, we should be the most motivated community on earth, “always abounding in the work of the Lord.” Enough of mere survival – we should help others thrive right here, right now, because we believe in victory, redemption, and transformation.

3. The Empty Tomb Assures Us: If the Resurrection guarantees eternity, then we believe that our suffering and ministry “is not in vain.” Life will get discouraging – at times, it won’t seem like there is an end in sight, or progress is invisible. But a Second Coming is coming, and we will be rewarded for our faith.

New Life, do not disbelieve, but believe. Trust and obey. Live for His glory. Your Savior is alive forevermore!

See you at Lord’s Day Worship this Sunday! Let’s continue to pray for one another and for our ministry!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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