Day two was written by, Deacon Jason and Jihyun Moon. Jihyun has provided a Korean and English translation!

Today I was expecting to be in Houston working on some houses. But today became a free day to hang out with the kids. As I was sharing with my daughter that I was going to be gone for a few days she was confused on why. She told me she wanted me to stay home initially, but after explaining that we need to help people because Jesus helped us, she started to understand on why I needed to go. I wanted it to be a teaching moment so that she would allow me to go and to help her understand what loving your neighbors looks like.

At the airport we invited the ministry to come send us off. I was a blessing to see so many people sacrifice their time to pray for us. It was also great to see parents bring their young children so that we would be sent off well.

Once we got to the apartment to unpack and sleep, while unpacking I saw a few love notes from my daughter hidden everywhere in my luggage. It really touched me to see my daughter know that I would miss her greatly and would leave kind words and pictures to comfort me.


어제 떠나기로 했던 선교가 날씨의 영향으로 하루가 지나서야 출발하게 됐다
아침부터 팀원 모두가 숨죽이며 비행기가 뜨는지에 대해 촌각을 세우고 있었는데 다행이 조금 연착 되기는 했지만 무사히 비행기에 오를수 있게 되었다
늦은 시간인데도 불구하고 우리를 보내기위해 공항으로 나와 기도로 격려해준 EM식구들의 따뜻한 사랑을 느끼며 출국장으로 향했다.
다들 연착된 비행기로 늦게 떠나게 됐지만 이렇게라도 갈수 있는거에 감사하고 또 감사하며 출국장 앞에서 잠깐동안 성경말씀을 나누고 기도를 하는 시간을 가졌다
우리가 계획했으나 하나님의 뜻이 아니면 절대 갈수 없었던 미션을 시작하는 첫 걸음을 디디면서 또한번 마음을 다 잡았다
늦은 시간 도착한 우리를 따뜻한 포옹으로 반겨주신 Lentz 덕분에 힘들지 않게 내일을 시작 할수 있을것 같다
하나님이 우리에게 어떤 은혜를 주실지 어떻게 짧은 시간을 쓰게 하실지 기대하면서 잠을 청해본다

We were supposed to leave yesterday, but due to the weather we were set back to go the next day. Finally, we are able to leave! Team members have been checking the status of our flight hourly. Without complaint or being discouraged, we persevered on.
Despite the late hour, members from the EM came to the airport to send us off with such love and warm prayers. Even with our plane leaving at a late hour, we were so thankful to be able to depart for Houston. For the short period before our flight boarded, we shared devotion and prayer. If it wasn’t for God, we would not have been able to go on this mission and prepare our hearts. Because of Rick Lentz greeting us with a warm hug, without difficulty, I felt I was able to push forward. Now, I eagerly wait for how God will guide us and use us for his kingdom.

Philippians 1: 3-6
“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”