Good Morning,

We are sorry for the late posts, but please enjoy our blogs! Day one was written by, Deacon Jimmy and Grace Lee.

Started off the day at 3:30am because I was too lazy to pack the night before. I remember thinking we have to be at the airport by 7am so that meant needing to leave by 6am….”wow!” realizing I still have a whopping 2.5 hours before I absolutely had to leave. Typically it only takes me 30 mins to pack and 15 mins to get ready, so….I still have 1.75 hours to do other important things. Reluctantly, I decided to check my email before deciding sleep was a very important thing. Hummm…what’s this one from Southwest?

Not only did that morning’s flight get cancelled but also the one we rebooked for the same evening. Very discouraging…so easy for any team member to be discouraged and/or discouraging. That negativeness tends to spiral downwards.

But!…this amazing team wouldn’t let that happen…. so encouraging, gracious and loving. It’s an honor to serve with you all!

To our brothers and sisters back home, thank you for your love and prayers!


I woke up to Johan saying, “uh oh”. It was 4:00 in the morning and he had woken up to a text from D. Jimmy saying that our 9:45am flight was canceled due to bad weather in Houston. The next flight Jimmy could get us on was for that evening. Inwardly I thought, “yay I can sleep in a little more!” since I had just fallen asleep a few hours prior to the rude awakening. But as we continued to monitor our flight status throughout the day, we watched our newly scheduled flight go from delayed to cancelled. Again. The next flight available was for the following day … at 9:45p!! I thought, wow what a waste of two days. Not only for those who had gotten precious PTO from work, but for the work that wasn’t being done in Houston. As if the people in Houston were waiting with bated breath, not able to work because the famous Denver team had been delayed.

As D. Jimmy and Johan discussed our situation they decided to take this opportunity to have dinner together as a team. We met and lamented together over the lost time, and prayed for the weather, MNA, and the people we would interact with in Houston. I was so encouraged by everyone’s positive attitude and determination to make the most of any situation. And I wouldn’t have seen this side of my team if we hadn’t been canceled, delayed, then canceled again.

God is sovereign, even in delays and cancellations and in the “wasted” time off from work. Maybe the most that our team gained is one more day of fellowship, another chance to pray and prepare our hearts. But I know that God is bigger than just our team, and I’m excited to see what things He’s been planning in Houston while I got a few extra hours of sleep and ran some much needed errands. I’m sure we’ll have some “ohh that’s why ..” moments in the next couple of days, and I look forward to more as we look back in 6 months, a year, and years from now.