How are you? How is your New Year so far?

There is some debate as to how we as Christians are called to view New Year’s. Some people believe that we should treat the New Year as an opportunity to renew our walk with the Lord. Just like this world’s culture of resolutions, we can use that time to reflect, repent, and live for the glory of Christ.

Others do not believe that we should put so much emphasis on one day of the year. We know that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. The opportunity for us to reflect, repent, and be renewed is before us every moment of everyday.

I can see the value in both. I think we can take the new year as an opportunity to reflect on last year and renew our devotion to the Lord for the New Year. We can repent of our sins and take the time to seek Him.

However, more than focusing on a day or on our performance, we need to focus on the person and work of Christ. We need to focus on what He’s accomplished for us and for our salvation. We need to be renewed in our devotion to Christ, because we remember His sacrifice for us.

As we saw this past Sunday, this is what it means for us to be ready for Jesus’ second coming. We need to make sure that we truly trust in Jesus as our Savior and that we have truly repented of our sins. We need to live for Him and His kingdom.

Just like the wise virgins, we cannot rely on others’ faith. Our parents’ faith will not save us. Our friends’ faith will not save us. Our spouse’s faith will not save us. It has to be our own.

How can we ready for His second coming? It’s because we know that He has come to us first. How can we be the bride of Christ? It’s because Christ purchased us at a heavy price: His blood on the cross. How do we have the power to live in faith and for His glory? It’s because His death broke the power of sin over our lives and His resurrection gives us a new life to live in obedience.

I pray that this new year may not be the motivation for changes in your life, but this new year may be a reminder of the new life and the new identity you have in Christ. And may that give you the power to be free, the strength to persevere, the healing to be restored, and the hope of eternal life.

See you on Sunday for our Lord’s Day worship. If you are available, come out to the Harvey STM presentation on Friday @7:45pm. Also, please be ready to give an offering to support and send their efforts this Sunday!

Continue to pray for one another and for the world.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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