How are you? How is your week going? I pray that you’re doing well in the Lord.

I hate the feeling that I get when I lose something, especially something valuable. If I can’t find my phone, wallet, keys, laptop, etc., I get this sinking feeling in my stomach. I start to get anxious about where I lost it and what could  have happened to it. I start to look for it in various places, trying to retrace my steps. It’s not always a guarantee that I’ll find it.

This past Sunday, we looked at the first two “Lost” parables in Luke 15: the lost sheep and the lost coin. Through the lost sheep, we know that the Lord knows the lost. He knows every single one of his sheep. He knows which one is missing, and He cares enough to go after the one. Then, after finding the one, He carries it back on His shoulders.

Through the lost coin, we see that the Lord values the lost. He sees them as valuable and worthy. They are not worthy because of their actions, but they are worthy because He has placed in them worth. Just like the woman, He gets dirty and uncomfortable to find the lost.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He has come to save us. He knows every single one of us intimately. He cares for us. He has placed in us worth.

And if we are His, He will find us. It’s not a guarantee that I find everything that I lose. However, for Christ, it is a guarantee. He will find all who are His, and they will not be lost ever again.

How do we know this? It’s because He found us first and carried us back. He carried us by carrying our sins upon His shoulders on the cross. He became a man, got dirty with our shame, and was pierced for all our sins.

That’s how we are found. We are found at the foot of the cross. And once He has us, He will never let us go.

Have you been found yet? Have you experienced His relentless love for you? If not, come to the cross and trust in Him. If you have, come to the cross and trust in Him. Together, we will enter His joy and celebrate His grace.

Hope to see you at Lord’s Day Worship this week. Go in His grace and peace.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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