How are you? How is your week going?

Usually, in my words of encouragement, I try to take one aspect of the previous Sunday sermon and drive it home during the week. I will not do that today. If you need a quick reminder, here it is: Humble yourselves, acknowledge that you are helpless and needy (just like the poor, crippled, blind, and lame), and enjoy the feast of Christ, prepared through His death and resurrection.

For this week, after our first Sunday of the fiscal year, I wanted to discuss how we can encourage our officers and leaders. You can apply this to our fellow members as well. 🙂

Encourage through your prayer
Pray for our leaders! They need your prayers. If it’s true that we are in a spiritual war, then we need to pray. If it’s true that we are more sinful than we can ever imagine, then we need to pray. If it’s true that God is the One who strengthens and transforms hearts, then we need to pray. If it’s true that prayer is a mean of grace, then we need to pray. Pray, people of God!

Encourage through your words
Love on our leaders. Encourage them with your words. Recognize their service and sacrifice. Acknowledge their strengths and gifts from the Lord. At times, you may need to love by speaking some hard truths. Do it, but do it biblically and graciously. It’s a disservice to not speak the truth. But, on the other hand, it’s dangerous to speak the truth, not in love. Encourage through your words of truth and love.

Encourage through your service
I don’t want to say that this is the most important aspect of encouragement, but it’s very important. One of the greatest pitfalls of leadership is to do everything yourself. This will burn our leaders out. More than that, it will make them feel as if they are alone. Through your service (whether it be to serve them or to serve alongside them), they will be strengthened. If you volunteer your service before they ask, they will be inspired. By your help, they will be encouraged. And they will know that they are not alone.

New Life, may you be an encouragement in Christ wherever you go. See you all this Sunday for Communion Worship. Prepare your hearts this week for the Table. Also, attend and enjoy the Monthly Demographical Fellowships this weekend!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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