How are you? How is your week? I am continually praying for all of you.

I hate debt. I hate owing family and friends money. I hate credit card debt. I hate student loan debt. I hate mortgage debt. I hate all kinds of debt. I’m sure you do, too.

Scripture tells us that we owe a debt to God that we can never pay. We have sinned against Him and have not lived for His glory.

However, our sinful nature tells us that our debt to God is not that great. It says that we’re not that bad and that our sin is not that bad. It deceives us to think that we are in a debt that we can pay off with our good works.

But the truth is that we are in such great debt that we will never be able to pay it off. However, there is a Savior who paid it all. He paid it all, and it cost Him everything. He left His perfect throne in heaven to be a man on this broken earth. He lived the life that we failed to live, and He died the shameful death as a sinful criminal for us.

Do you understand the great debt that you are in because of your sin? Do you understand the great cost that Jesus paid on our behalf on the cross? Are you humbled and transformed by this love?

The sinful woman in Luke 7 understood the great love of Christ that declared her forgiven. All her sins were forgiven. All her guilt and shame were taken away.

This forgiveness produced much love in her for her Savior. She could not help but to weep and to worship.

Do you love Jesus today? Are you amazed at His grace for you? Are you humbled by His love? Are you transformed by His forgiveness over you?

Take some time today to feel the immense weight of your sin. Repent and take the time to experience the depths of His love and forgiveness. Be in awe of Him and worship.

We will continue our “The Stories That Transform Us” series as we look at the next parable in Luke, The Parable of the Sower. See you on Sunday for Lord’s Day Worship! Also, come out to September Topical Study as we will be looking at Evangelism.

Pray for one another, for our ministry, and for our nation.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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