How are you? How is your week going? Have you been able to wait on the Lord?

We live in an immediate, fast-results world. Last week, I ordered an e-book, and it was immediately available for me to read. For lunch today, I heated my food quickly in a microwave. We like to get what we want. And we like to get it fast. Waiting on the Lord may be the hardest we ever do.

We talked about this topic on Sunday when we looked at Psalm 70. David is going through hardship, and he desires God to deliver him immediately. However, through this prayer, we see a change of heart by the end of the prayer.

He doesn’t focus on his troubling circumstances, but he focuses on his troubled soul. He confesses that he is poor and needy in spirit. He realizes that he has nothing to offer God, and he is spiritually bankrupt.

Biblical prayer may not change our circumstances, but biblical prayer definitely changes our hearts. Instead of asking for a change on the outside, we realize that we need a change on the inside.

Not only that, we see that David realizes that his help and his deliverance are not in the relief from his suffering, but they are in the Redeemer within the suffering. Is this our heart today?

How do we know that He is our deliverance and help? It’s because Christ was the One who waited and endured on the cross. And it’s His cross that shows us that God can take the worst of circumstances and use it to be the best of circumstances. Christ took all the suffering for the judgment of our sin so that our present suffering will be used for our good.

He is our ultimate help and deliverance, because He took on all our sin and shame on the cross. Now, we are alive and free.

It’s not wrong to pray that God resolves our problems quickly. However, we know that the ultimate answer is not in the resolution, but it’s in God.

Let us pray biblically. Let us cling to Christ desperately. And let us wait on Him patiently.

See you on Sunday. Come out to our September Topical Study after fellowship! This Sunday’s topic is Why Missions?

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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