I hope you’re doing well in the Lord and staying cool in this weather!

It’s been so hot this week. We sweat just by standing in the sun. It is vital for us in this weather to stay hydrated. When we’re thirsty in the middle of such hot weather, we long to drink cold water. In the middle of the opposite weather when we are freezing, we long to drink warm water or maybe a hot chocolate.

We usually never crave water that is lukewarm. It’s gross to drink it when we are dehydrated. Our gut reaction is to spit it out of our mouths.

In the ancient world, lukewarm water was useless and worthless. It was seen as unhealthy while hot and cold waters were both healing and refreshing.

This past Sunday, Jesus described the church in Laodicea as lukewarm. They are neither soothingly warm nor refreshingly cold. They were not passionate for Christ. They were not humble and penitent. They were not dependent on Him. Because they were rich, they did not see their need for Christ. However, in reality, their hearts were wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.

Christ is calling us out today. He’s telling us to stop being lukewarm. We’re called to humble ourselves and repent. We’re called to see our true selves as wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. We’re called to cling to Christ alone, and be passionate for His name because of our salvation.

Have you thought of Christ this week? Have you repented of your sins this week? Have you clung to Jesus this week? Have you lived passionately in worship of Him this week?

Take a moment today, tomorrow, and the other days of this week to humble yourself, to cling to Christ, and to live for Him. For if you take up the cross today, you will receive His crown tomorrow.

Have a blessed week in the Lord! See you all on Sunday for Lord’s Day worship!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

Image source: mentalfloss.com