How are you? How is your week going? I pray that you’re doing well.

Going to Starbucks this past week reminded me of the time I used to work there. One of my coworkers would say this all the time: “God will forgive you when you’ve learned to forgive yourself.” He truly believed this saying.

First, let me be clear: this statement is unbiblical. God’s standard is far greater and holier than our standard can ever be. God forgives us in Christ fully and completely because of His accomplished work for us. His justification is by grace alone, and it is absolute. It’s not contingent on us at all.

Although this statement is wrong, there was a time when I followed up and asked him if he had forgiven himself. With tears welling up in his eyes, he responded that he hadn’t and that he couldn’t. He had committed so much wrong in his life that he could not forgive himself and thus God could not forgive him.

The beautiful news of the gospel is that God forgives us, and He forgives us completely. He has forgiven us of our past sins, present sins, and future sins. Once we are saved, we cannot undo it. God will preserve our souls to the end.

We looked at this truth this past Sunday when Jesus said to the church in Philadelphia: “Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut” (Revelation 3:8).

No one will be able to shut this door of salvation. We do not have the power to do it even with the worst of sins. Nothing in all of creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:39).

Do you struggle with your guilt? Do you struggle with your shame? Do you struggle with your past or your present?

Like last week’s Word of Encouragement, Christ calls us to remember and to repent. We are to truly be remorseful over our sin and turn away from it.

Once we have truly believed and repented, He forgives us completely. Our soiled garments are washed clean forever. The door of salvation has been opened to us, and no one can shut it.

If you’re struggling with your guilt and shame today, believe, repent, and be forgiven. Enjoy the peace and rest that flow from this truth. Live in the freedom of the gospel.

Hope to see all of you at Lord’s Day worship this Sunday! Prepare your hearts and pray for one another!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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