How are you? I pray that your week is going well.

This past Sunday, we had the blessing of hearing Pastor Tim Van Lant deliver God’s word to us through Psalm 11.

One of the questions he challenged us with is this: To what or to whom do we flee for our refuge?  Is it our work? Is it financial security? Is it our fun? Is it a time of relaxation? Is it our friends? Is it our family? What is the high mountain we flee to?

“The Lord tests the righteous.” This is true for all of us in Christ. Suffering will come. Trials and difficulties will come. What is our refuge then? Pastor Tim taught us that this testing is not a “Let’s see if you’re strong or worthy enough” type of testing. This testing is a “Let’s see the steadfast faithfulness of God!” kind of testing.

Throughout this week and your life, is the Lord your refuge? Do you flee to Him in victory? Is He the mountain you cling to during times of difficulty?

We can be sure that He will be faithful. We can be sure that His promises are true. It’s because of God’s holy temple at Calvary. Christ, the Most High Priest, offered the most perfect sacrifice, Himself, on our behalf.

We are now declared righteous, because Christ took on all our unrighteousness on the cross. Through this sacrifice, every promise of blessing is true for us, because He has received every curse for our sin. All of the other mountains of this world will fall. Only the mountain of God in Christ will stand.

Does the gospel message run true for you? Is Christ the mountain to which you cling? May we be a dependent and faithful people who cling to the mountain of God in Christ. And through that, we flee to victory.

Join us for Friday Night Study tomorrow night! Also, members, please be aware that we will have a congregational meeting this Sunday after fellowship. See you all on the Lord’s Day for worship.

Go in His peace. Rest in His grace. Pray for one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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