How are you after this Easter holiday?

Do you know what the beauty of Easter is? Jesus is not resurrected for only one day of the year. He has risen, and He is alive today. We don’t serve a dead Savior, but we serve a victorious One!

Is the truth of the resurrection real for you? Whether you believe it or not, all of Christianity hangs on the truth of the resurrection.

Pastor Tim Keller says: “If Jesus rose from the dead, then you have to accept all that he said; if he didn’t rise from the dead, then why worry about any of what he said? The issue on which everything hangs is not whether or not you like his teaching but whether or not he rose from the dead.”

If Jesus has been raised from the dead, that means that every truth about Christ is real. He is God. He is the Son of Man. He is Savior of the world. He is the Lord of Lords. And one day, He will judge the living and the dead.

Not only that, but all His promises are true through the resurrection as well. For those buried in guilt, the resurrection means total liberation. For those crippled by shame, the resurrection means restoration. For those suffocating under the weight of sin, the resurrection means life. For those addicted to the things of this world, the resurrection means power. For those walking through the valley of the shadow of death, the resurrection means comfort and strength. For those in depression, the resurrection means joy. For those in anxiety, the resurrection means peace. For those who are alone, the resurrection means that you are never alone. For those oppressed, the resurrection means you are loved.

Do you believe in this resurrection? If you do, then it should drastically change your life forever. Has it?

Come out to Friday Night Study this week @7:30pm! If not, see you on Sunday! Just a reminder that we will have a special offering to support M. Danny’s student retreat this Sunday!

Pray for one another!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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