Happy February! I hope you are doing well in the Lord.

This past Sunday, we talked about what it means for us to worship in Spirit and Truth. Have you worshiped in Spirit and Truth this week? This year?

We worship in truth, meaning we worship according to Scripture. We worship the one, true God through one, true gospel in the right way. In other words, we worship the Triune God through Christ’s person and work according to the ways we find in Scripture.

We worship in Spirit, meaning we worship with our hearts. We don’t worship in order that we are accepted by God. This means that our worship is to primarily serve ourselves.

The truth of the gospel is that we are already accepted by God through Christ, and thus we worship. He has pursued us first. Because of that, we don’t worship for any selfish ulterior motive. Instead, we are able to worship purely and simply because we want to.

Does that describe our hearts? Does that describe our private worship? Does that describe our corporate worship?

See, it’s no coincidence that this truth of worship is found in the context of Jesus revealing Himself as the Living Water. My friends, we are thirsty just like the Samaritan woman. Our souls thirst for this Living Water more than our bodies thirst for physical water.

The question is: What have we been drinking? Have we been drinking from the dehydrating fountains of money, fun, fame, and power? Or have we been drinking from the overflowing fountains of the riches of Christ? For if we drink of it, we will never thirst again.

Jesus is the Living Water for us, because He thirsted on the cross. We were the ones who should have thirsted for all of eternity in death, but Christ thirsted fully and completely for us on the cross.

Once we realize the fullness of this reality, Christ becomes everything for us. We are able to worship in Spirit and Truth, because He is our Living Water.

New Life, take some time this week to meditate on this truth. Drink of the Living Water, and let’s worship in this way both privately and corporately.

We are starting our Friday Night Studies again @7:30pm! Come out as we continue to study the book of Romans. See you all on Sunday for our corporate worship. Pray for one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

Image source: thewell.intervarsity.org