Christmas is in four days. Can you believe it? Are you ready?

This past Sunday, we looked at the conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount, and we saw that Jesus had some harsh words to say. However, He wasn’t saying these words to condemn us. He was saying these words to save us.

Do we know Jesus? In our passage, we see that we can do many mighty works in His name and yet still have no idea who He is. We can do work for Him without ever experiencing the pleasure of walking with Him. Do we truly know Him as our Lord and Savior?

Are we building upon the rock? Jesus is the only Rock which will last. All the other religions and philosophies of this world will fall. They are like the sand upon which fools build their homes. Jesus says that the rains, floods, and winds will come for both the wise and the foolish. The only thing that keeps the house from being destroyed is the foundation upon which it is built.

Is Jesus our foundation? Is He the reason and the center of everything that we do? Are we building houses and lives that will last? Or are we building sand castles made of the fleeting pleasures of this world?

See, we can know Jesus, because He pursued to know us first. That is what Christmas is all about. That is what the incarnation is all about. Not only that, we know that God will never say “I never knew you” to us, because that rejection and abandonment is what Christ went through on the cross for us. He was rejected so that we can be accepted. He was forsaken so that we can be known.

We can build our house upon the Rock, because Christ was destroyed on our behalf. He was destroyed by the rains of humiliation, the floods of God’s wrath, and the winds of death itself for us. He was destroyed so that we may be preserved for all eternity.

Jesus ends this Sermon by bringing us to a crossroad. We either know Jesus or we don’t. We either are building upon the foundation of Christ or we’re not. Which one describes us?

Take some time to enjoy and know Christ this week. Pray that He may lead and guide you to build your life upon Him.

See you all for Christmas worship this Sunday. We will have our last Topical Study on Evangelism after fellowship. Pray for one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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