How are you on this last day of November? How has your week been? How’s your vision been?

This past Sunday, we talked about Kingdom Vision. We are called to see ourselves, others, our Father, and Christ clearly. Have we taken the time to make sure our spiritual eyes are corrected?

Have we seen ourselves clearly? Have we seen the logs within our own hearts before we see the speck of sin in others? Have we been broken by our sin, and has that led us to repentance?

Have we seen others clearly? Jesus does not condemn judgment, but He condemns hypocrisy. He calls us to judge others in humility and in love. Have we been broken by others’ sin that it leads us to compassion? Have we been in prayer for them? Have we sought to remove the sin from their hearts with the scalpel of the Word in love?

Have we seen our Father clearly? He is our good Father who answers our prayers. He may not answer them as quickly as we want Him to. He may not give us the answer we are looking for. But He still answers our prayers in His time. And we can be sure that the answers are for His glory, out of His love, and for our good.

How can we be sure of our Father’s love and good gifts? It’s because He gave us the greatest gift of all in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Have we seen Jesus clearly?

Jesus saw us clearly, and yet, He came and pursued us to redeem us. He accurately saw the log within our own hearts, and He took out our log of sin by placing it upon His shoulders on the cross. He cut out our sin with the scalpel of grace by being cut off by the sword of God’s wrath.

Through Christ, now we are able to see clearly. We see our sin for what it is. We’re able to have His compassion and His love for others. We’re able to have access to our heavenly Father.

Take some time this week to reflect on your own heart and on Christ. And may this lead you to have Kingdom Vision.

See you all on the Lord’s Day for worship. We will start our December Topical Study after fellowship this Sunday. Continue to pray for one another.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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